8 Things To Consider for Best Budget Hotels in Gangtok

Whether you plan a casual vacation or business trip, it is very important that you choose the right accommodation, since it can make or break your purpose of visit. While the tariff is the main judging point since you have a pre-set budget, you should also look into other facilities provided by the hotel/ resort which you choose. Many people have the idea that luxury hotels provide facilities that a budget hotel at Gangtok cannot. This is a Myth. Many Gangtok budget hotels offer facilities and amenities that match those of the luxury Gangtok hotels.


So if you have a tight budget you can choose to stay in a budget hotel in Gangtok. Here are 8 things that you should consider when you choose a budget hotel:

  1. Location is Most Important: If you are a business traveler, you’d prefer an accommodation that is centrally located, whereas casual travelers would want to enjoy the scenic beauties of a remote location. So based on the purpose of your visit choose the best budget hotel in Gangtok.
  2. Added Fees for Extra Facilities: While staying at a hotel you may need extra facilities, so check whether the rates are inclusive of these facilities or you would need to pay extra. Some hotels provide limited wi-fi facilities and some provide unlimited, so if you’re a business traveler you’d like to choose the second type.
  3. Parking Space: Since Gangtok is well connected by roadways, many people love to drive to their destination enjoying the scenic beauty on their way. So if you choose to drive, check whether the hotel you are considering has enough parking space or not? What extra charges will they take and whether the parking is safe.
  4. On-site Facilities of the Hotel: When choosing a hotel look for the on-site facilities. You may look for hotels that have swimming pool, bar, restaurant or golf course. But always remember that, if you’ve come to Gangtok for sightseeing, you won’t be spending too much time in the hotel. So from that standpoint, a good budget hotel in Gangtok with the basic amenities, good food, and cleanliness might be the right choice for you.


  1. Complimentary Breakfast: Since you will be choosing one of the Gangtok budget hotels, see that the one you finalize offers complimentary breakfast. This can save a lot of money.
  2. Whether the Hotel is suitable for Family Holidays: You may have to travel with children, so choose an accommodation that is family-friendly. Be sure that the facilities provided by the hotel include medical facilities, recreational area, baby pools, etc. Similarly, if you have to bring your pet along with you, choose the hotel accordingly.
  3. Cleanliness and Hygiene: When choosing a budget hotel in Gangtok make sure you consider the cleanliness and hygiene factor. You’ll never want to stay in a stinking hotel so make sure the one you choose is clean enough.
  4. User Reviews: There are numerous online travel portals that list hotels ranging from 5-star hotels in Gangtok to budget hotels in Gangtok. You can read customer reviews to know their real experiences and decide which hotel suits you the best.


Best budget hotels in Gangtok offer facilities that match those offered by luxury hotels in Gangtok. So to make your vacation memorable and comfortable you don’t always have to choose luxury hotels, staying in a budget hotel like The Sunrise Residency in Gangtok from Teli Hotels & Resorts can also be a satisfying experience.

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