Basic Amenities that Must be Present in Gangtok Hotel

Gangtok, the modern capital city of Sikkim is nestled on a ridge at an elevation of 5500 feet. Once an important transit point for traders traveling between Tibet and India, it is today highly organized and highly maintained cities in India, and the country’s first litter and spit free zone.

Gangtok is an urbane town which offers the travelers all possible amenities. Hotels are available in a range of prices along with various facilities. So, if you are wondering about the amenities provided in a Gangtok Hotel, here is the list of basic amenities that are available while you check-in at the hotels in Gangtok:

1. Free Car Parking:

Free car parking

Most of you may prefer to enjoy the smooth as well as a bumpy ride through valleys and mountain roads. Since the best hotels in Gangtok provides free parking service, fill up the fuel tank and get behind the wheels, trusting in your driving efficiency to experience the adrenaline rush while driving in the highest motorable roads in the world.

2. 24-Hour Reception:

24 hour reception

Everybody hates to be kept waiting. If you are tired out from the long journey, driving on your own, and none appears on the reception! How would you feel? Don’t worry! Even the budget hotel in Gangtok ensures 24-hour front desk or reception services.

3. Doctor on Call:

Doctor on Call

Remember saying Health is wealth? To ensure your health to be normal, the hotel in Gangtok has Doctor on call services because once you reach the high altitude your body may respond to the changes in weather. Even though it is completely normal for our body to respond, you must not overlook those.

4. Safety Locker:

Safety Locker

No matter what, your safety is in your own hand. Although the hotel rooms in Gangtok are equipped with the Safety Locker, it depends upon an individual to keep the valuable safe. So instead of scattering your goods on the table or bed, you must tuck your valuable in the safety locker provided.

5. Refrigerator:


Cheers to those who long for the ice-creams and chilled drinks frequently, you don’t have to worry. The best hotels in Gangtok is equipped with a mini refrigerator, wherein you can put up the ice creams, your favorite exotic fruit juices, and drinks that you grabbed on your way to check-in at your favorite hotel in Gangtok.

6. 24 Hour Room Service:

24 hour Room service

Travelling is not only a young generations’ passion. The alluring place like Gangtok is a coveted hub for old age persons as well. So, keeping in mind all the requirements of the various age group travelers, the Hotels in Gangtok provides 24-hour room service facility.

7. Bottled Water:

Bottled water

A room just like you wished, king sized bed, a balcony and a mesmerizing view seems to be worthless if you are thirsty and there is not a drop of water to quench your thirst. So, keeping these basic yet important things in mind, the hotel in Gangtok ranging from budget to the most expensive hotel provides bottled water as a complimentary to the guests.

8. Air Conditioner:

Air conditioner

Explore any city in summer, you won’t escape the heat. So in order to keep the room temperature normal and cool, an A/c is a must-have amenity in any hotel. So, during your stay in a hotel in Gangtok, you won’t be disappointed because the hotel in Gangtok is A/c equipped.

9. Geyser:


Attached bathroom with hot and cold running water is preferred by every traveler, so is provided in all the Hotels in Gangtok. The weather of the town remains pleasant when most of the cities experience sweltering heat during the summer, yet it is not easy to bathe with cold water. Thus Geyser is provided in the hotels of Gangtok.

10. Bathrobe and Slippers:

Bathrobe and Slippers

The list of hotels in Gangtok provides clean sets of Bathrobe and Slippers for a guest’s convenience. However, if you wish to have your own bathrobe and slippers, you may carry your own. Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap and Hair dryer are also provided.

11. Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services:

Dry cleaning and laundry services

If you are worried about how to clean your fur coat, or to wash your clothes in the cold weather, here’s the news! The top hotels in Gangtok provide dry cleaning and laundry services. You don’t have to dip your hands in the cold water or worry about cleaning your expensive fur coat.

12. In room Tea or Coffee Maker:

In room Tea or Coffee Maker

You surely wish to sip a hot cup of tea or coffee as soon as you step out of your shower to get rid of cold off your body, right? Well, even I do. Enjoy the moment while watching out to glorious snow-capped cliffs along with sipping and inhaling the aroma of freshly plucked tea leaves from Temi Tea Garden.

13. High-Speed WiFi:

High speed WiFi

You just reached Gangtok! You just got into one the best hotels in Gangtok! You have freshened up! You are sipping the most expensive and aromatic tea watching the best view ever in your life from the balcony! Everything seems surreal! Now you wish to share this Joy to the world! Don’t worry! From making a presentation to maintaining your social media account you won’t be disappointed with the High-speed WiFi that has been provided in the Gangtok Hotels.

14. Restaurants and Bar:

Restaurants and Bar

Well you may be new in town! And you are clueless about the cuisine and place to eat in Gangtok. Let go of your worries because most of the hotels in Gangtok provides multi cuisine restaurants with mouth watering dishes. Apart from restaurants the hotels also facilitate bars, where you can sip the exotic range of wines. Isn’t that great? Good food and good wine!

15. Kids Play Area:

Kids Play area

Are you traveling along with your kids? Well if so; let me tell you that they are way more excited than you are! After all, exploring a new hub itself is an exciting and adventurous. The great news is most of the hotels has separate and safe kids play area, where your kids can enjoy. So while you prefer to stay aloof enjoying the serenity, your kids may indulge in playing.

16. Spa:


Are you dreaming of a perfect holiday and a perfect rejuvenation? Well, there is list of hotels which provides the most coveted services that one often desires for. The best and top hotels in Gangtok provide spa facilities as well. So, de-stress yourself with the amazing health benefits of spa.

17. Bed Warmer or Room Heater:

Bed warmer or Room heater

Either or anyone of it will do during winters. Despite thick blankets and socks, it is not easy to feel warm when you to retire for the sleep. So, a bed warmer or room heater is provided in order to maintain the warm room temperature and bed warmer for warming the bed.

18. Gym:


If you are a fitness freak, you would definitely wish to hit the gym. But how’s that even possible since you are away from home! well, let me tell you that most of the hotels both budget and luxury hotel in Gangtok maintain a well-equipped gym.

19. 24 Hour Power Supply:

24 Hour power supply

Did you notice that most of the facilities are impossible to obtain without the power supply? So in order to ensure that all the facilities are available to the guests, the Hotel in Gangtok provides 24-hour power supply. From changing your cell phone to operating the A/c power supply is necessary. Hotels have the alternative of solar energy or generator in case of an unexpected power cut off.

Well, above are the plenty of basic amenities that are available in the hotels in Gangtok. If you are planning to visit Gangtok from Kolkata, while booking a Gangtok hotel, please ensure that the amenities mentioned above are available for you.

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