Must Visit Batasia Loop While You Stay In Hotel Potala, Darjeeling

It is very important to choose a hotel which is nearby the major tourist attractions of the visiting destination.

If you are planning a Darjeeling trip, make sure you have booked a budget hotel in Darjeeling which are comparatively cheap like Hotel Potala which is at a walking distance from most of the sightseeing places in Darjeeling. The quality of services and the luxurious hotel rooms are being suited for a wonderful vacation and a cozy room to relax at the end of the day.

Darjeeling is the queen of the hills and it still manages to be a worldwide brand which attracts major global tourist flow that comes here to see what they have just heard about. The hill station is the best destination for a honeymoon, group vacation, and family vacation as well as for a solo trip at some well-renowned hotels as well as some other hotels in Darjeeling Mall to live like a king.

Best Time To Visit Darjeeling

Darjeeling in winter: The months of October to March are an ideal time to visit Darjeeling to experience adventure during winters.

Darjeeling in summer: The months of April to June makes an ideal time to avoid the harsh heat of the summer in the plains and to spend a few days among the clouds in a soothing environment.

During the peak seasons, Darjeeling hotels may be hard to book as most of the bookings are normally done in advance. Hotel Potala in Darjeeling near Batasia loop is another good option to stay for a luxury stay with nearby sightseeing places which can be reached after a few meter walk.

Batasia Loop Overview

The Batasia loop is an excellent and one o the most picturesque train routes inside Darjeeling. The Batasia Loop is a lush green toy train pathway that was built to honor the Gorkha soldiers in the Indian army who have dedicated their lives to the service of the nation. The utmost reason for its popularity is its unique swirling rail route which circles around the Batasia hill forming a hilltop tunnel to the top of the hill. The Shahid Park also provides some excellent view of the Kanchenjunga which looks very beautiful from here.

Best Time To Visit Batasia Loop!!

There is no specific best time to visit Batasia Loop. The viewpoint is open throughout the year but if you are traveling to Darjeeling during April to June you might have a pleasant trip to Batasia loop in Darjeeling and also get a clear view of the Kanchenjunga if you are lucky enough to visit it during a clear sky.

Note: If you are traveling from Siliguri and want to stop at the Batasia Loop you must know that the distance from Siliguri till here is about 59 km and takes a little above 2 hours to reach the amazing viewpoint of Batasia. Entry to Batasia Loop is free and you might want to reach it before 5 pm because the park is closed at night due to certain safety measures.

Batasia Loop The Excellent Stoppage While Staying In Hotel Potala

Situated in the misty hills of Ghoom, about 3.4 km from Hotel Potala is the beautiful loop called the Batasia Loop which makes an excellent stoppage while returning from Tiger Hill sunrise view. The loop was actually designed to uphold the beauty of that hill without disturbing its structure and beauty.

Hotel Potala in Darjeeling to Batasia Loop Distance , Route Map

Hotel Potala in Darjeeling to Batasia Loop Distance, Route Map. Image Courtesy Google Map

The toy train circles from below and makes a complete circle on the round railway track that is situated on top of the Batasia hill. The beautiful view of the Kanchenjunga along with beautiful Rhododendrons and colorful orchids makes it a wonderful experience and a great sightseeing option.

The History behind the beautiful Batasia Loop!!

The route of the Toy train from Ghoom, the highest elevated train station came across a sharp fall while returning to Darjeeling. The need for an engineering miracle was commissioned in 1919 as the toy train would not prepare an extreme fall of about 140 ft unless designed otherwise. So the Batasia Loop was created in a way the toy train had to circle the hill and it would not need to face the steep at once. It was one of the best designing accomplishments created by the British.

After Independence, the beautiful rail track was also made a small viewpoint and a memorial for all the Gorkha soldiers who have died fighting for the country. The park was beautified with flowers, orchids, and Rhododendrons and it now stands as of the best viewpoints with a unique railway track designed by the British. This makes it a place which cannot be skipped during the Darjeeling Trip.

Have A Good Time At The Batasia Loop!!

The Batasia Loop is actually visited as a stoppage point while the tourist is on their way back from the Tiger Hill. The whole bent of the entire Batasia Hill is filled with cafeteria and open-air restaurants where you could just sit back and have a wonderful breakfast with a magnificent view of the Kanchenjunga and the neighboring hills. The local cuisines may also be tried there as to know the locals there you might also sometimes eat what the locals love.

The bent of Batasia Loop is filled with some shops who deal in excellent items like traditional Tibetan art and handicrafts as well some winter wears which are woven by the locals there. The shops also sell souvenirs which are a great option to be taken back from while at your stay with best hotels in Darjeeling.

So, this point is an excellent stoppage point with a variety of things to do.

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