Top 21 Festivals Celebrated in Sikkim

As per the Buddhist calendar, the Sikkim festivals are celebrated with a lot of pomp and show throughout all these festivals the citizens of Sikkim indulge in vibrant and with its lively dances and music. Sikkim is a state that shares its borders with Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and West Bengal. Sikkim is topographically diverse to its beautiful diverse and is the home of the world third highest peak Kanchenjunga. With that, the colourful fairs and the festivals of Sikkim bring the charm splendour. Nestled in the Himalayan region with it diversity of culture and picturesque view it is being a state with multifarious communities, the festivals in Sikkim are celebrated with Glory.

With the variety of fascinating musical instruments and its variety of coloured masks that are of bright colour takes place at the different monasteries across Sikkim while these festivals are on. Some of the popular festivals which are notable in Sikkim are Losoong, Drupka Teshi, Bumchu, Saga Dawa, Dassin and Phang Lhabsol.

Festivals of Sikkim Celebrated

1. Losoong Harvest Festival:

Losoong Harvest Festival

As the harvest season ends, the festival Losoong is celebrated on the tenth month as per the Tibetan Year in the rustic Sikkim. During this festival, the Chaam dances by the locals are performed. Festivals take place at the Phodong monastery, Tsu-La-Khang monastery, and Rumtek monastery. The contest was also held along the feasting of the other celebration like the Archery contest.

2. Drupka Teshi:

Drupka Teshi

One of another great festival celebrated by the Buddhists is the Drukpa Teshi festival. The festival generally takes place on the day the Buddha sermonized his first oration of four Nobel Truths to the 5 disciples in Sarnath at the famous deer park.

3. Saga Dawa Festival Triple Blessed:

Saga Dawa Festival Triple Blessed

It is a festival that is triple blessed as an amazing festival. For the Mahayana Buddhists, it is a very scared Buddhists festival. On this particular day, the Buddhists visit the monasteries offer the prayers and butter lamps as they were the most significant events associated with the existence of Buddha which is celebrated at this events.

4. Phang Lhabsol of the Mount Kanchendzonga:

Phang Lhabsol of the Mount Kanchendzonga

It is another matchless festival of Sikkim which became famous during the reign of the third ruler of the Sikkim, Chakdor Namgyal. During this festival, the Mount Kanchendzonga is shown respect and its devotion to its power.

5.January Festival Bumchu:

January Festival Bumchu

At the Tashiding monastery in January the Bumchu Festival is a renowned in the West Sikkim. All through this festival, the pot that is filled with the sacred water is put open by the Lamas present in the monastery. The holy water is distributed among the disciples and the pot is refilled with water and conserved.

6. Losar:


Losar is marked as the Tibetan New Year with its immense joviality, joy, extensive meals and merriment which usually fall in the month of February’s first.

 7. The Month of February Dasain:

The Month of February Dasain

Dasain is a festival that takes place few weeks before the Losoong festival. The celebration signifies the triumph of good over evil. Older people of the family generally apply tika on the young and give them blessings.

8. Festivals of Lights Tihaar:

Festivals of Lights Tihaar

Tihaar is the festival an important celebration as the festival of lights in the state of Sikkim which is somewhat like Diwali.

9. Hee Bermiok Tourism Festival:

Hee Bermiok Tourism Festival

This festival is celebrated and is an annual celebration of Hee Bermoik city which is located very near to Gangtok. Thousands of tourists from everywhere come to see this massive carnival every year since from the year 2005.

10. Pang Lhabsol:

Pang Lhabsol

It is a special occasion of the Sikkim celebrated with the huge festivity and celebrations. The festival is distinguished on the 15th July of the Tibetan calendar every year. The festival is for 3 days.

11. Rabongla Discovered:

Rabongla Discovered

It is a peaceful place in Sikkim with its most scenic and picturesque tourist’s location of Sikkim. In the month of April Rabongla offers grand celebrations of its traditions and culture known as crafts festival of Rabongla.

12. Tharpu Monsoon Festival:

Tharpu Monsoon Festival

Tharpu is a festival which is organised in during monsoon season in Sikkim. August is the major months for this festival in the Western region of Sikkim.

13. Lhabab Duchen:

Lhabab Duchen

Is one of the major Buddhists festivals according to Tibetan rituals. Lhabab Duchen happens on the 22nd date of the 9th month of the calendar of Tibet.

14. Gangtok Winter Festival:

Gangtok Winter Festival

The annual Gangtok Winter Festival is the grand event of the Sikkim, and this small festival is performed up to 4 days. In the month 9th December to January 11th is the appropriate dates for the festival every year.

15. Namchi Mahotsav:

Namchi Mahotsav

Vibrant, colourful, beautiful Sikkim festival is Namchi Mahotsav. It is the cultural ceremony which lasts for a week with dances, programs, and music.

16. Namsoong Festival:

Namsoong Festival

It is also a famous event festival of Sikkim which is performed up to 7days of time. Festival in every year starts on the 1st day of the month of December or January.

17. Khangchendzonga Tourism Festival:

KhangchendzongaTourism Festival

This festival begins in the year from 24 December to 26 December at its West Sikkim in Pelling every year. Lots of fun activities like white-water rafting, kayaking, trekking, mountain biking are offered in this festival.

18. Mha Puja (Newar):

Mha Puja

The worship of inner self, Mha Puja, it is an important festival of the New People and it is performed for purification, strengthening and understanding of oneself. It is also exposed as the relationship between human and nature and its cosmos.

19. Dassai (Nepali):


It is a fortnight long festival that usually falls in the month of October, in which Goddess Durga is worshipped.

20. Kash:


This is a festival for Nepali which is the most expensive festival of Sikkim and it lasts for three days.

21. Geel Ceremony of Sunwars:

Geel Ceremony of Sunwars

This is one of the greatest and the most Puja ceremony of the Sunwars which requires sacrificing 360 birds and animals. With that Chandee, this is a ceremony which is performed in the month of the Vaisak full day with pomp and grandeur.

However, this is the various colourful festivals at the different season, which one must visit to enjoy the light of the colourful festive seasons.

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