Travel Tips For Dementia Patients And Their Families Traveling To Darjeeling

Darjeeling in West Bengal is a replica of paradise on Earth. The pleasant weather, mouth-watering food, and astonishing sightseeing locations are a perfect combination that makes “the Queen of the Hills” a must visiting destination.

Why Should You Visit Darjeeling?

Darjeeling is amongst the most beautiful hill stations in the world. It is also one of the most visited hill stations in India which is visited by travelers throughout the year in a large number. The Kanchenjunga range, the flora, and fauna, sunrise at the Tiger Hill, mountaineering institute, the ropeway, the toy train rides, the traditional food and the Darjeeling Tea are some of the reasons which make you fall in love with Darjeeling.

Now, let us make a note of the tips those with dementia who are traveling to Darjeeling with their families:

1-Travel To The Right Destination:

Bringing a family member to Darjeeling is always best as it provides the opportunity of sharing the experiences that you collect during the trip. Decide the destination with the person with dementia and notice the reaction of the patient. If the reaction is not confounding, then going to the preferred destination can be helpful in treating the person.

2-Get A Medical Insurance Done

It is always wise to get a medical insurance before traveling. When you connect with a travel agency, they offer you not only best packages and assurance of a safe and wonderful trip, but they also seem to provide you with well-balanced travel insurance if you do not have a private one. Before leaving, do not forget to read all the small details of the insurance policy. Some policies may include additional premium if you have a “pre-existing medical condition”.

3-Travel During The Best Time

Darjeeling is a magnificent destination which should be visited during the months 0f October to March. It is also recommended to travel during the daytime which would be the best for those with dementia. Staying in a good hotel is also another important part of travel. Since hotels play a big role in making your trip memorable one. There are many budget hotels in Darjeeling mall like Hotel Potala, offering the best facilities to the guests for a comfortable stay.

4-Book Your Hotel Beforehand And Research Local Supports

Darjeeling Mall is the most crowded spot in the whole town and it is hard to get a hotel there. So, decide early and book the best one among many hotels in Darjeeling mall online directly or with online portals. After confirming your hotel room, check for dementia service and support centers in and around the destination to avoid any complexity during the trip.

5-Set Your Alarm And Carry A Day Bag

The most important thing to remember while you are traveling is setting off for the journey early in the morning. This gives you plenty of time to avoid any hassle and deal with sudden delays. Carrying a day bag is also important in which you can carry water, snacks, necessary documents, contact numbers, medications, and some cash.

Popular FAQs

Q. What is the mode of transport for traveling from Siliguri to Kolkata?

A. Car rental service providers offer luxury cars to reach Darjeeling from Siliguri/Bagdogra Airport. You can also get a shared taxi at the Junction taxi stand.

Q. What is the price of the hotel room?

A. Prices of the hotels vary according to the type of the room. You can go to the below-mentioned website for the best price of the hotel room in Darjeeling Mall.

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