Visit Darjeeling in Monsoon to Witness The Beauty

Earlier, when someone thought of a beautiful hill station, pleasant weather, delicious food, and dynamic sightseeing destinations, they often used to plan a trip to the foreign countries. This now is part of the history as India itself has Darjeeling which is blessed with all the above-mentioned aspects and has been successfully alluring tourists for the past few decades.

Darjeeling the summer residence of West Bengal is situated at the foothills of the mighty Himalayas on the lap of Mother Nature. Tiger Hill in Darjeeling is one of those places in the world which provides a breathtaking sunrise view. Padmaja Naidu Zoological Park is a home to some rare species of animals including Red Panda, Himalayan Wolf, Snow Leopard and many more.

Though October to march is considered as the perfect time for visiting Darjeeling, still Monsoon can be a good option too.

You Can Visit Darjeeling During Monsoon

Monsoon which extends from June to September attracts lots of tourists in Darjeeling. The pristine hill station is covered with white fogs and looks almost like a replica of the paradise where beauty has no ends.

Some woolens must be packed as the temperature during monsoon remains approximately 13 degrees to 20 degrees which can fall at the night. Sometimes it rains a lot in Darjeeling and sightseeing is not available, hence packing some indoor games as well as books can be helpful for you.

Now, when you think of booking a budget hotel, you must visit Teli Hotels which is among the best hotels in Darjeeling for offering the best amenities along with dedicated service but always keep in mind about these safety tips

Monsoon is not the pick season for tourism in Darjeeling, hence the sightseeing destinations are less-crowded and hotels, homestays and car rentals are available at bargainable rates. The rains work as an aid to increase the charm of the dreamy hill station of Darjeeling.

How Can You Enjoy the Monsoon in Darjeeling?

1. Driving on the Hill cart Road:

This is a must try as while you drive along the Hill Cart Road you get to witness some waterfalls and seasonal springs. These kinds of springs and falls like Paglajhora Falls can only be seen in the monsoon which is the best time for enjoying the true essence of nature.

2. Walking along the Mall Road:

Monsoon is the time when the roads of Darjeeling town are the cleanest and walking down the Mall Road is something very enjoyable especially when you are visiting with your life partner. Stroll along the Mall Road and enjoy the dynamic view of the hills but do not forget to bring an umbrella with you as it rains frequently.

3.The Toy Train rides:

If you do not take a ride in the world heritage “Toy Train”, then your Darjeeling trip is incomplete. Explore the fascinating views of the Himalayas which look even more beautiful in the monsoon. It also gives you the opportunity of holding your partner tightly as the train takes a 360-degree turn at the Batasia Loop.

4. Explore the unending tea gardens:

Darjeeling is also called the champagne of teas as Darjeeling is among the most delicious and favorable drinks in the world. Even the tea gardens are so mesmerizing that once you visit them you will never want to eliminate the scenario from your mind.

5. Get a taste of the mouth-watering foods of the hill:

When in Darjeeling, the rain is very unpredictable but it also brings cravings for the mouth-watering local delicacies like the spicy thukpa, steamy momos and few dishes that go well with the weather.

People who walk in the rain do not just get wet, they get happiness!!

ain is the ideal season for lovebirds and Darjeeling is the ideal destination for spending a honeymoon. Hence, traveling to Darjeeling during the monsoon would not only give you the opportunity of exploring the less crowded sightseeing destinations, it would also help you to enhance your level of romance.

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