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Festival at Sikkim

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Fairs & Festivals in Gangtok

The most striking part of a visit to Gangtok is its vibrant and colorful culture. The culture of the city resembles unity in diversity. Gangtok, with an ample of colorful and unique, follows a tradition zest, vigor, and myths. The state is an inhabitant of different cultures and thus the festivals of Sikkim turn the state into anybody. The oldest and ancient one is the mask dance during the annual day of monasteries. This festival is still captivating. Gangtok Fairs & Festivals

Apart from this there are mainly three types of festivals celebrated by the local people as well as the tourist also take part in this magnificent cultural fest of Gangtok. One is the Pang Lhabsol ; The sole religious festivals originated and celebrated in Sikkim. It’s celebrated during the month of December. This legendary fest is filled the air with scared and holy feel. The gate of the Chogyal’s Palace is kept open for the travelers only during this festival.

The other is the Gangtok’s Food and Cultural Festival celebrated in the month of December. The festival is organized by Tourism department. This is celebrated for 5 long days with Sikkim’s Multi-cultural series of cuisines and traditional folk dance and music. The entire festival takes place in the M.G.Marg with decorated foods stalls that serve ethnic and authentic cuisines with a cultural show especially performed for the tourists. Carnival moves around the town on the day of inauguration.

The last is the international flower festival that displays multi-color and wild varieties of orchids and other international flowers. Many species of trees, roses, cacti, creepers and climbers are also featured. The festival also features a wide range of food stall covering the whole range of authentic and delicious cuisines.

Other festivals of the state include :

Saga Dawa

One of the sacred and holiest of the Buddhist festivals. The festival take place on the full moon day of the Tibetan month in either May end or early June

Lhabab Dhuechen

Lhabab means heaven descent and Dhuchen meaning festival. This festival is celebrated on the name of Lord Buddha.

Drukpa Tseshi

The festival takes place on the 4th or 6th Day of Tibetan month August. Prayers are held in the monasteries of Sikkim in this festival.


Lassong the new year festival of Sikkim, marking the end of the harvesting seasons. Chamm dance is performed that marks the end of evils spirits and beginning of a new and pristine time.


Losar is Tibetan New Year. It is celebrated by the Lepcha’s and Bhotias’ with a private get-together or social gatherings.


This is the prime festival of the Tashiding monastery. It is observed on the 15th or 1st day of February and March (Tibetan month). The festivals start by opening the sacred water vessel and then distributed to the devotees who stay up late to receive it.

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