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Gurudongmar Lake Sikkim

Weather Overview

Gangtok Weather Overview

Gangtok is amongst those hill stations that enjoys one of the most perennial weather in India. It enjoys the pleasant climate as it is located at the foothills of the Himalayas. The climate is moderate with mild summers and cool winters and snowing occasionally. Snow occurs at the high altitude and almost the entire region gets covered by snow. Gangtok enjoys three seasons mainly summer, winter, and monsoon.

Gangtok Weather


Summer starts from March-May or June with mild weather. On a bright sunny day, the temperatures hardly cross over 28 degrees that make the city attract visitors from nearby places to get instant relief from the scorching sun. During the summer, the climate is moderate and pleasant almost every day. Due to this mild weather Gangtok is still is preferred by most of the tourist.


Average temperature during the winter lies between 4- 7 degree Celsius. Winters starts from late October to February end. Weather is chilly and freezing in the out skirts area of Gangtok. Though the snowfall is rare and occurs in places that are 30-40 kilometers away from main town. During the winter sometimes the temperatures goes down to -5 degrees and the town is covered with fog and mist all around. Hence, winters are considered the best time to visit Gangtok. The environment is utterly romantic making it the favorite destination for Honeymoon couples.


Monsoon month starts from July to late September. Though the others areas of Sikkim see heavy rainfall and tourists are prohibited from visiting, few areas of Gangtok enjoys shimmering rains with coll the breeze. The monsoon seasons also witness torrential rains causing landslides thus blocking the roads for communications. Though the monsoon does not last for long ideally one can visit Gangtok and stay in the hotels at M.G Marg to enjoy the rains.

Best time to visit

Due to its mild and pleasant climate Gangtok attracts not only the honeymooners and tourists but also it draws Buddhist pilgrims from around the world. Gangtok attracts tourist for chilly weather and its vibrant culturalfestivals that place during the December. December t0 January are the best month for honeymoon travelers with temperatures dropping to almost -5 degrees, this couple can spend quality time enjoying the fog and cloudy weather. Apart from this adventurous travelers can visit Gangtok in any time except monsoon as landslides during rainy seasons can be devastating.

Except the monsoon, Gangtok draws many tourist round the year well if you want to know the best time to visit this place then visit during September and October -the autumn seasons. This is the ideal time with multicolor flowers blossoming in the entire streets of Gangtok.

Month wise Weather & Temperature in Gangtok

Gangtok Weather in January 14.2 °C max 0.1 °C min
Gangtok Weather in February 15.1 °C max 1.6 °C min
Gangtok Weather in March 19.1 °C max 5.4 °C min
Gangtok Weather in April 21.3 °C max 8.4 °C min
Gangtok Weather in May 21.3 °C max 8.4 °C min
Gangtok Weather in June 23.3 °C max 12.7 °C min
Gangtok Weather in July 23.7 °C max 14.4 °C min
Gangtok Weather in August 23.7 °C max 13.1 °C min
Gangtok Weather in September 23.3 °C max 12.0 °C min
Gangtok Weather in October 21.6 °C max 9.1 °C min
Gangtok Weather in November 18.2 °C max 4.9 °C min
Gangtok Weather in December 15.7 °C max 1.23 °C min

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