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About Kalimpong


Where the natural appeal prospers

Kalimpong is one of a fascinating destination amongst the hill stations. The serene little town with thriving modernity still retains the colonial charm that it borrowed from the British rulers. With a blend of urbanism, rural, and colonialism, this town maintains a unique ambiance. The prospect of tourism is intensified with the excessive number of explorers who have discovered a profound bliss in its every step.

The gaiety little town is the coveted hub of the wanderlusts. Profusely blessed with the mesmerizing landscapes Kalimpong offers the absolute joy and peace to those enters in its vicinity. The perfect weather imbues the thriving greenhouses and horticulture practice. The rare and exotic plants grown in Kalimpong are exported to the several parts of the country and abroad. Kalimpong

Speaking of the inhabitants and the culture, Kalimpong is a symbol of the unity of multi racial. You can find a church, a mosque, a temple, and a gurudwara set up at a distance of 100 meters. The key aspect that defines the little town is the perfect harmony that binds the multi racial as one.

The province will leave you spellbound with its remarkable sightseeing hubs. Monotony never exists in a place where you witness the golden sunrise under the clear firmaments. Where adventure touches the sky, and the tranquility resides in every direction you behold.

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