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About Kalimpong

Kalimpong a small tiny village located 20 km from the Darjeeling town is a major tourist destination of the Darjeeling district. Since 1865 Kalimpong has become prominent town which was just a small village of few families and animals. Today it is known for its unspoiled and virgin natural beauty and has been considered as the most visited destinations of West Bengal. Kalenpung means Ridges, the place where we play, according to Lepcha community whereas in Tibetan it means Stockades of kings of Ministers. The local people often call it Kalimpong meaning Black Spurs. Later on the name Kalenpung by accepted.
Kalimpong Town Overview Despite the unspoken history, some things sure about Kalimpong is that; it happens to be a part of Sikkim which was then inhabited by the Lepchas, Bhutias. In early 1700 the Bhutanese acquired the village and formed its headquarters. Hence Bhutanese influences still render in the areas with gumpas, and houses build in Bhutanese style.

Historically Kalimpong was under East India Company. Later it was merged with Darjeeling and was included in the sub-division of Darjeeling. It was an alternative hill station to Darjeeling and equally gained importance in the tourism industry. The British build this town as a model town which was then discovered to have major potential and the reputation of the town to Europe. Kalimpong was the gateway to Chumbi valley in Tibet through the Jelepla pass. Jelepla is about 120 km from Kalimpong. Hence, the town became a trade hub for both Darjeeling and Kalimpong which was the main reason for its development. Soon then, missionaries’ schools were started with the Girls High School and Scottish University Mission being the oldest one. Welfare centers and institutions were also established by the British.

All the above features attracted people in huge numbers. By 1907, kalimpong, became a new tourist spot surpassing the old and outdated features. Soon then, local people realize the importance of the town and started to build small resorts and eateries for accommodation and appetite. Today we see so many top rated resorts and hotels that provide excellent service to the visitors making it suitable play for holidaying. This improves the economy of the town, thus raising the standard of living of the dwellers. Kalimpong has ample places of interests for all visitors.
Some of them are: • Lava     • Lolegaon     • Samco ropeway     • Teesta Bazar

Kalimpong houses some exciting adventurous sports like river rafting, trekking, ropeway and many more. The national parks and Sanctuaries in Kalimpong has a rich reserve of flora and fauna and wild animals like the giant elephant, tigers, bisons, sambars, deers and rare species of feathered animals.

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