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Sightseeing in Kalimpong


Sightseeing places in Kalimpong

Are you planning your trip to the northeastern Hill stations of India? Discover the un-miss-able Kalimpong, an outstanding tourist hotspot in the district of Darjeeling. Immersed in serenity, the essence of colonial hill town is its rich biodiversity, which vividly explains the tremendous generosity of nature towards it. Being the hilly town, Kalimpong favors the process of accessibility by road. The place of extreme adventures like paragliding, white water rafting, trekking, angling, and more, driving on a winding road equals the exciting adventure.Mac Farlen Church Kalimpong - Place to Visit The winding road favors the enchanting views of the aqua green Teesta River on one side and the towering hills on the other. The greenery and the cool air awaken the sluggish soul, urging it to witness the charming town against the backdrop of breathtaking hills, pristine mountains, and the azure sky.

Kalimpong is an ideal place to unwind, and to witness the culture of multiracial, relish delicious Tibetan cuisines, and to be in harmony with nature. The town still retains the colonial charm that has been passed on to it from the benefactors who established several churches, British institutions, and British cottages. These structures explain that the British were the pioneers for imparting the needed educational advancement and the spiritual growth for the natives.

Besides the colonial charm, the place is a perfect citation for religious harmony where a church, a monastery, a temple, a mosque, and a gurudwara at the distance of hundred meters, and they still continue to coexist without any conflict.

The place of pleasant weather and climatic conditions, Kalimpong imbues the increase of a wide variety of flowering, non-flowering, and fruit bearing plants that contribute a lot to the economy of Kalimpong. The flourishing nurseries are the excellent alternative for the local sightseeing in Kalimpong. Besides, exploring nurseries paves the way for obtaining a considerable knowledge regarding the practice of farming and its impact on the lives of the agricultural enthusiasts.

Here is the list of un-miss-able places in Kalimpong that will surely enhance your trip -

  • a. Lepcha Museum
  • b. Deolo Hill
  • c. Cactus nursery
  • d. Science City
  • e. Mac Farlen Church
  • f. Hanuman Tok
  • g. Nature Interpretation Center
  • h. Tsonga Gumba
  • i. Neora Valley National Park
  • j. Mangal Dham
  • k. Tharpa Choling Monastery
  • l. Beni-the lovers point
  • m. Kalimpong Golf Course

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