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Kalimpong Weather

Weather Overview

Kalimpong Weather Overview

Climatic conditions in Kalimpong town do not follow the typical weather conditions of the plains. It do not follow the typical temperate climate of the plains and varies widely across the entire region of Darjeeling district. Kalimpong weather is influenced by the climatic conditions of Darjeeling and almost the weather is moderate. It's difficult to predict the Kalimpong’s weather. At times, you can settled down on a perfectly beautiful weather and at the other instance the sky may become cloudy and foggy. The best part is when you get the flakes of clouds and bright and clear day above your head.
Kalimpong Weather Overview Though one can visit Kalimpong in any season however the most preferred seasons for tourist is the spring and autumn. Spring starts from March and ends in April whereas autumn falls between September and November. There are times when the temperature is cool and the sky is clear with bright sun rays.

The summer seasons starts from May and ends in June. Soon the monsoon starts at the end of the June that lasts till August.

Letus take a deeper glance at the various seasons of Kalimpong town :


Summer begins in may and ends in June. The temperature during this time varies from 11 degrees to 19 degree. This is the perfect time for tourists and sometimes the town is flooded by tourists.


Spring being one of the best seasons for the visitors, tourists often does not get much time to relax and unwind their mind as the seasons last for a short period. During spring, we see various species of flowers blossoming and the tourist can take a walk in the garden under the clear fine day. There may be slight rains and you can also witness hailstones.


Winter starts from December and lasts three to four months that are it may last up to February and March. The temperature can fall up to 10 c whereas the maximum range is up to 25 degrees. Lots of tourists from neighboring places and from the various parts of the countries visits the place for celebrating Christmas and New Year. Sometimes the temperatures may go below 9 degrees Celsius making it the best holiday destination for the couples.

The humidity in Kalimpong ranges from 66% to 94% during morning and during the evening the humidity lies between 59% and 93%. The humid months are March and April. The maximum humid months are September and august.

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