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About Pelling

Pelling is located in the West of the Sikkim and at an elevation of 7200 feet. Pelling is one of the quaint places of Sikkim far away from the hustle and bustle of the town. It is located 120 km from Siliguri and 15 km from Gangtok. Amongst other places of interest Pelling is known for its peaceful environment, jolly people, simple lifestyle and some of the majestic view of the mountains. Most of the area of Pelling depicts the countryside look with farm lands and old house build across the roads with minimum human interference. The government of Sikkim realized the huge potential of the town and soon then started establishing new administrative offices, buildings, hotels, resorts and educational centers. The roads were broken which was a major hindrance of this town hence special references were made to the build the communications links.

Pelling is popular for its virgin forests and waterfalls that happen to be the most attracting feature of the town. The most beneficial part of Pelling is that one can get the glimpse of the majestic view of the Kanchenjunga nd other neighboring Himalayas very intimately from here. Places to visit in and around Pelling include the local monastery, Kanchenjunga falls, the Chhange Waterfall, the rock garden and waterfall in Rimbi, the Singshore Bridge, Khecheopalri lake and the Pemayangtshi Monastery. Yoksom, hee Burmiok, rinpong and Dzongri at vicinity also makes this place a potential tourist site. Pelling Overview

Pelling was the first capital of Sikkim however due to poor communication channels later Gangtok was chosen the capital city. With large number of tourist venturing in every year tourist department took measures to make the town more effective with some of the main offices in the town. Sooner we see new hotel, restaurants, temples, resorts; hospitals and learning centers were built.

Tourists cannot visit the place during Monsoon due to heavy rainfall and landslides. The best time for the visitors is during October to December when the climate is mild and chilly. Though Pelling is easily accessible by road people will sooner get the facility of the airway too. The work of constructing a n airport is undergoing.

Pelling host the Kanchenjunga festivals every year also other fun activities that take place are white water rafting, promotional rafting and many. Flower festival is another major festival of the city which is followed by folk dances and music. The festival showcases the diverse aspects of flora and fauna of Sikkim.

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