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Pelling Weatrher

Weather Overview

Pelling Weather Overview

The best time to visit Pelling is between the months September to late January. The most favorable and pleasant season is winter and the arrival of summer. Tourists flock the city on the onset of the spring that is at the beginning of September month. Although round the year Pelling enjoys beautiful weather however it is impossible to predict the climatic condition. The day may start with bright and warm whereas the next moment the city may get covered with flakes of clouds and can be dizzy. It won’t be wrong to say that the sun and cloud play hide and seek thus making the place a wonderful place for the travelers. Pelling is said to be a perfect destinations to escape from the burning heat of the sun. Rainy season is the only time when the tourists are warned not to visit the place for frequent landslides due to heavy rainfall. During the summer, the average temperatures are between 10- 28 centigrade. In winters the temperature may reach down to -5 degrees Celsius making the weather cool and chilly. People generally prefer to visit Pelling during this time. Weather in Pelling, Sikkim

Let’s know the seasons in Pelling in details:


The summer in Pelling are pleasant and falls between the month of March and late May. The temperature ranges from 7 c to 28 c. This is the time when the temperature reaches to the highest in the plains thus guarding the people towards the hills to spends some nice time. So most of the tourists visit the place from the hotter areas to experience the soothing weather of the town.


Monsoon in Pelling leads to heavy rainfall damaging most part of the roadways. Landslides occur at frequent places thus completely blocking the communication links. This is not the right time to visit this place. Monsoon starts from July and ends in September. Although the weather of Pelling is not predictable hence you can see drizzles round the year. During this time, the rate of the hotels drops at a certain level. So, for your budget friendly vacation visit Pelling.


The most preferred time to visit Pelling. The place is flooded with travelers from all over. Entire city is crowded with tourists and tourist activities takes place at a higher rate. Winter starts from December and last till the end of January or early February. The temperature of the city ranges between -5 c to 15c. You can enjoy your holidays without hustling with the fellow travelers.  As the winter falls right after the offset of monsoon, tourist are suggested to visit Pelling during this time to enjoy the excellent weather. 

Month wise Weather & Temperature in Pelling

Pelling Weather in January 15 °C max 4 °C min
Pelling Weather in February 17 °C max 6 °C min
Pelling Weather in March 21 °C max 10 °C min
Pelling Weather in April 23 °C max 13 °C min
Pelling Weather in May 24 °C max 16 °C min
Pelling Weather in June 25 °C max 18 °C min
Pelling Weather in July 25 °C max 18 °C min
Pelling Weather in August 25 °C max 18 °C min
Pelling Weather in September 25 °C max 17 °C min
Pelling Weather in October 24 °C max 14 °C min
Pelling Weather in November 21 °C max 9 °C min
Pelling Weather in December 17 °C max 6 °C min

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