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Terms and condition

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Terms and Conditions

To get access to the facilities and services of Teli Groups of Hotels one should abide by the following terms and conditions given below :

Each of these conditions should be read carefully to avoid future adversities.


Companies Websites

  • 1. One should follow the content of the sites which are genuine and constituted under the law and its subsidiaries.
  • 2. The trade mark and symbol or the services or product endorsed by the sites are official and cannot be copyrighted. In any case if someone is found to do so then it will be taken as criminal offence and may face judicial courts.
  • 3. The content, design, symbols, property and layouts are owned by the owner of the sites and if found to be reproduced electronically, manually or any other social mean then the matter will be subjected to Copyright.
  • 4. The information used in the site should not be used for any commercial/ non-commercial public display. Though you can download the information for your personal purpose. Right to use the information is license only and cannot be transferred from one person to another.
  • 5. Teli Groups of Hotels ensure that all the information given is accurate and reliable. You are intended to take the information as it is. If you use the information for personal use to gain any profit then Teli group of Hotels will not be responsible and can be done only on law orders.
  • 6. Teli group of Hotels is not liable to any damage/loss directly or indirectly which may occur after the use of the websites content or information.
  • 7. If you are not satisfies by the websites information or services then you are suggested to discontinue the use of the website.
  • 8. The websites may contain may linked websites In that case we have no control on the content of these information. You are advised to visit thee sites at your own risk.

Hotel Reservation

  • • To make the reservation the person should be at least above 18 years and should have a legal authority to make the reservation after following the terms and conditions of the site.
  • • The reservation warranty on the website is for the sole purpose of providing reservation information and any minors using the websites should be under your name.
  • • You should be financially sound and should take the warranty of payment after making the reservations.
  • • The rates and charges of hotel reservation are all given in the websites and you are advised to make the payment following all the terms and conditions.
  • • Any cancellation or changed in the reservation is subjected to face some policies of which certain amount will be deducted.
  • • In case the detail you provided are false and subjected to fraudulent case then you are liable to face the consequences.
  • • The visitors are required to indemnify or defend our subsidiaries, employees, or staff in case any third party official have any issues regarding your documents or you have any prior law case.
  • • Jurisdiction to be followed is courts of Siliguri, Sikkim and Darjeeling.

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